The perfect natural pony is achievable with the snap of a finger! Our pony base coverage will make your pony look realistic and stunning! Its innovative design has a pony-base cover closure and a hair piece to make your desired style flow smoothly. We must admit, there’s something about a fabulous ponytail that feels so empowering. It’s nice to conquer the world with your hair out of your way. The new Mega Ponytail Closure will make your dream pony styles come to life. Try the new Mega Ponytail Closure now, to achieve better, smoother and more natural pony styles!


Keep It Classic

The easiest and simplest way to rock our Ponytail Closure is to clip in and go! Ponytail extensions are a great for women who love to spruce up their looks daily or on special occasions. A high ponytail is a flexible and classic hairstyle that can be worn during hot summer days and fancy red-carpet nights. This pony comes in two different lengths and styles so you can go from casual to elegant instantly!



To achieving a “laid” ponytail requires brushing your hair to smooth it down. Moisturizing your hair before brushing ensures that your hair is hydrated and not brittle. Detangling also helps protect your hair against breakage and makes brushing much easier. If you have natural hair, this step is especially important—don’t skip it.


It’s necessary that your hair dries before you step foot outdoors. For this step, you can blow dry your hair on low if you’re in a hurry. Alternatively, you can tie your hair down with a silk or satin headscarf and let it air dry while you do your makeup, get dressed, etc. If your natural hair texture is anything but straight, I recommend using the scarf method to ensure your hair doesn’t frizz and end up a total mess.