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MANE Concept, Inc.

MANE Concept, Inc., formerly ISIS Collections, Inc., is a leading manufacturing and distributing company committed to providing our clients with the finest quality and most innovative products on the market. Ever heard of Red Carpet Premiere, Brown Sugar, Black Ivy or Afri-Naptural? These are just a few of the many fashion-forward brand names that have been developed and distributed by MANE Concept, Inc.

At MANE Concept, Inc., we desire to not just follow trends but to function as innovators and trendsetters in the hair industry. For the past twenty years, we have matched pace with the ever changing fashion demands of our clients with our extensive range of revolutionary wigs and weaving and braiding hair products.

From the beginning, we have been a company that’s prioritized the needs of our clients and firmly believed in the importance of self-expression. Recently, we wanted to freshen up our look in order to more adequately reflect these core values. With this new name, as MANE Concept, we would like to recommit ourselves to you, our valuable clients. We dedicate ourselves to supplying you with beautiful and long-lasting wigs, ponytails, braids, and weaving hair so that you can fully express and celebrate your unique beauty. To some, focusing on hair may seem trivial, but we at MANE Concept, Inc. believe that the ability to express and celebrate one’s beauty is fundamental and necessary to fully living and enjoying life. And hair is just one facet of self-expression. We’re already creating and designing new looks to complement your personal style and beauty. So, go ahead, express yourself, and celebrate your beauty.

Design Your Look –MANE Concept, Inc.!

Mission Statement

We strive to encourage our clients to reclaim their true, one of a kind beauty with confidence. We will realize this mission by:

  • Promoting the important act of self-expression
  • Exceeding industry standards for top quality products
  • Creating trendsetting styles for the modern cosmopolitan
  • Innovating new technologies to revolutionize the hair industry
  • Developing an ever growing portfolio to meet the needs of our clients

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